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The Story of Kristen Haag

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“I’m writing to you about the story in Full Body Burden of Kristen Haag, the young girl who died of cancer. Kris was my daughter’s best friend.
The year Kris died was also the year my husband, my four children and I moved from our home in Ralston Estates just off W. 64th Ave. and west of Oberon Road.  Rocky Flats was nearly in our back yard.  My daughter Becki was crushed when we told her we were moving to Missouri, as was Kris.  Becki had told me that Kris had a sore leg and how badly she felt for Kris.  The day before we were to move, Kris spent the night with Becki. The next morning I took them both to a store at Arvada Square and let them purchase gifts to give each other as a remembrance.  As we were walking through the store, Kris had to sit down halfway down the aisle. I  was alarmed and asked her if she was ok – she told me she was, but that her leg bothered her and that she just had to rest. They bought heart necklaces and gave each other half of the heart charm on their necklace and we went home. Becki cried for hours after she told Kris good-bye.

We hadn’t been in Missouri a week when Judy (Kris’ mom) called and said the doctors had just amputated Kris’ leg mid-thigh and that she had been diagnosed as having cancer. We were so shocked but glad they had gotten the cancer (or so we thought). Within 6 months to the day that Judy had called, she called again.  Only this time to tell us that Kris had passed away. Becki was heart-broken, needless to say, and I was in a state of shock. Cancer had taken Kris so quickly.”

–From a former Colorado resident

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  1. Linda Gentry says:

    Hi, Kristen: I’m glad you put my brief story about Kris Haag on your new Web site – this young girl deserves to be remembered and I’m still in a state of shock that I rediscovered Kris when I read your book. With the passage of time and the “busyness” of life, her tragic story left the forefront of our minds; however she is still in our hearts and her picture in our family album. Thank you for bringing her back into our immediate thoughts and thank you for what you’re doing to raise awareness of the horrible secrets that are hiding just beneath the surface like the plutonium/radiation the government hopes we all will forget about.