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The Cancers Can’t Be Hidden Anymore

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“I just read Full Body Burden . . . I lived the same life in Richland, Washington, with the Atomic Energy Commission and DuPont (and various other companies through the years) running Hanford.  We played in the dirt, because we could and that’s what kids do. We swam, boated, skied and fished in the Columbia and Yakima Rivers.  I raced motorcycles in the desert and ate enough dust to choke a horse.  Hanford was where my mom and grandpa worked; they never spoke about what they did.  At 12 years old I got to go on a tour and walked through the reactor building, looking at the rods and water through thick leaded glass in a thick concrete wall. I knew it was something I wanted nothing to do with, so when I graduated in 1980 I left . . .  Now the stories are coming out, .  Several of my classmates passed on due to rare cancers.”

–A reader in Washington

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