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All Night Vigil At Rocky Flats

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“I remember an all- night vigil in the cold winter wind along the highway entrance to Rocky Flats. It must have been 1969 or 1970. I took the graveyard shift with a friend. We sat in our car in a small gravel lot adjacent to the entrance facing the highway. When we spotted headlights, we got out in the wind coming down off the mountains and took our protest sign from where it was wedged under the wheel of the car, then braced ourselves in the wind to be caught briefly in the headlights of the passing car. Some people honked in support. It was lonely out there until change of shift. We offered leaflets to the exiting workers and some of them even accepted them. One man got so preocupied with making a show of crumpling up his leaflet to throw away, he drifted forward and bumped the car in from of him. In general, the workers were hostile to our presence. We made our stand, but were dismissed as crackpots.”
–Brock Robinson, a reader in Colorado.

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